All There Is to Know About Recharging/Refilling Fire Extinguishers

Many people who own fire extinguishers in their homes or commercial properties tend to have little knowledge on what these crucial appliances are actually all about. One thing that is common amongst most of them is that they overlook maintenance of their fire extinguishers. This is basically because these appliances are rarely used so many people neglect maintaining them. This can actually be detrimental because you may want to use your fire extinguisher in case of a fire only to realise the appliance isn't working as efficiently as it should. One maintenance task that most people are unaware of is recharging their fire extinguishers. Here are a few key things you need to know about it.

When and Why Should You Recharge?

Recharging means your fire extinguisher is being refilled with the extinguishant (extinguishing agent). As a rule of the thumb, you need to recharge your fire extinguisher any time it is used even if only a small amount of the extinguishant was discharged. This is because once the extinguishing agent has been discharged, it opens up an avenue for a leakage, which will cause loss of pressure and this will affect the efficiency of your fire extinguisher.

Sometimes the extinguishing could be discharged accidently when you are not around by playful kids for instance. This means it is of vital significance to always make an effort to check the pressure indicator or gauge of your fire extinguisher once in a while. If it is below the required levels, it is a clear sign that the appliance is ready for a recharge.

You can also recharge during your regular fire extinguisher inspections. This is important because even if you haven't used the appliance, discharging all the extinguishant and recharging it gives the technicians the opportunity to inspect for effective discharging mechanisms.

Where Should You Recharge?

Find out from your local fire department whether they provide fire extinguisher recharging services. Even if they don't, they probably contract it to various dealers. Some people prefer buying a fire extinguisher recharging unit and doing it themselves. This is would be a good option if you have a considerable number of fire extinguishing units in your property or if you just prefer taking on such tasks on your own. However, remember that you will need some training on recharging these appliances so that you do it properly.

Recharging your fire extinguisher to ensuring that the appliance is effective and ready for use whenever needed. For more information, visit websites like

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